Proposed Developments Under Review

Description of Plan - Map of Developments Under Review (by number)

Location & Description

1  Village of Cranberry Woods, Revised Phase 1
PR #25363
Consider a Revised Preliminary Land Development application which provides phasing of the proposed Community Character Development (CCD-2) and Large Land Development for Phase 1 to include an existing Hotel with proposed Automobile Fueling Station, Retail with drive-thru, Office, and Daycare uses, on 8.7 acres in the CCD-2 zoning district.  

Cranberry Woods Restaurant Associates, LP
2  Sheetz
PR #25281
Consider a Revised Final Land Development application for a Sheetz Service Station to be located at 1664 Route 228 within the Village of Cranberry Woods Development in the CCD-2 zoning district. 

Sheetz, Inc.
3 Ehrman Square
PR #25728
Consider a Preliminary and Final Land Development application for a four (4) building, 108,374 square foot Large Land Development, Large Retail, Office, Distribution Warehouse and Financial Institution with drive-thru on approximately 17.08 acres located at 21101 Route 19 in the PIC zoning district.

Samson Morris Group
4 North Park Lounge - Stormwater
PR #27118
Consider a Preliminary and Final Land Development application to move the existing location of the stormwater retention system for the current North Park Lounge located at 20810 Route 19 in the SU-1 zoning district.

BDNPL Real Estate, LLC
5 9512 Goehring Road Development 
PR #27120 
Consider a Preliminary and Final Land Development application for a 2,880 square foot Warehouse to be located at 9512 Goehring Road in the SP-1 zoning district. 
Vital Management 
6 Laurel Point, Final Phases 1, 2, 3  
PR #27123  
Consider a Final Phase 1, 2, 3 Planned Residential Development application revising Phases 1 and 2 and adding Phase 3 (revising the total number of units to 168) to the previously approved Laurel Point PRD to be located along Franklin Road in the PRD zoning district.  
Pikewood Land Partners LLC  

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