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2021 Budget: Pulling Together Through The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

It is not reasonable to present a proposed 2021 Budget without acknowledging the on‐going impact bought upon us by the COVID‐19 Global Pandemic. President John F. Kennedy once said “..In a crisis, be aware of the danger but recognize the opportunity”. That is exactly how we as a community approached the COVID‐19 Global Pandemic and will continue to do so in 2021.

The Board of Supervisors have consistently supported two bedrock principles that underscores everything that Cranberry Township stands for:

1. Providing an exceptional level of service to our residents, visitors and businesses.

2. Recognizing that commitment to service is only possible through the Township’s most important asset, its employees and our volunteers.

Accordingly, as the Township aggressively prepared and implemented its COVID‐19 Response Plan, it was understood services needed to be maintained while the employees and volunteers providing these services were properly protected. 

Our COVID‐19 Response Plan has three major goals:

1. Protect employees and volunteers by accepting and recognizing the dangers of this coronavirus.

2. Acknowledge the potential threat the coronavirus could have on the Township’s financial stability.

3. Recognize the impact the coronavirus will have upon the community and find opportunities to mitigate those impacts.

The Township developed and implemented by mid‐March a COVID‐19/Infectious Disease Prevention Plan, a Plan that is considered by outside agencies as one of the most comprehensive plans implemented by a municipality. By aggressively implementing this Plan, we are proud to say, of the approximately 155 full‐time employees, 200+ seasonal employees and over 150 volunteers, we have been able to keep the COVID virus from being spread in the workplace. Through this Plan the employees and volunteers were able to maintain all of the services we were lawfully permitted to provide under State imposed restrictions, as well as our core services such a public works and public safety.

Township staff early on acknowledged the threat to the Township’s financial stability by COVID‐19. Relying on our core principles staff developed an approach with the goal of retaining all full‐time positions. Through a collaborative process with the leadership of the departments, we developed a process to move employees from areas with reduced workloads and offered them the opportunity to move to departments that had increased workloads.  

Those that did not wish to move were offered voluntary furloughs, while maintaining their health care benefits. We also deferred filling vacant positions as well as reduced the number of seasonal employees that were normally hired.

2021 Budget