Powell Farm

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Cranberry Township supported Denton Powell’s mission to keep his 71 acre family farm undisturbed, supporting him as he sought agricultural protection and conservation status for the property. That include an agricultural easement secured in the early part of the century.

After Powell’s passing in 2021, the farm became silent for the first time in nearly 150 years. Now, the Township is setting out to make sure Powell’s commitment to community farming and historic preservation is set in stone.

By acquiring the Powell Farm, Cranberry Township will create a financially sustainable and independent space that will serve as an educational space for residents and educational institutions.

Moreover, the space will be a living, active monument to the Township’s 200-year history in agriculture, and the next example of the commitment to guaranteeing the preservation of open, green space for the next 200 years and beyond.

The Township’s vision for the Powell Farm includes:

  • Education: Via the Powell Farm, students of all ages will be able to get hands-on experience at a working farmstead, see where food comes from, gain an understanding of the area’s history, and learn about potential careers.
  • Farm to Table: While from the outside it would not seem that food scarcity is a problem in Cranberry Township, 17 percent of families in the community live below the poverty line. By working with charitable organizations, the community can come together to put food on the tables of anyone who may need assistance.
  • Community Farming: At the Powell Farm, members of the community will have the opportunity to participate in the production of local produce and potentially grow their own crops. 
  • Environmental Conservation and Preservation: While the Powell Farm presents endless possibilities, the main goal is and will remain preservation. It is another opportunity to build upon the groundwork set by the Township over the past 30 years focused on maintaining and expanding efforts to create an environmentally conscience community.
  • Passive Recreation: As a passive recreation area, Powell Farm will offer plenty of places to simply exist in nature and experience the calm, quiet countryside.

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Butler Radio: Powell Farm Celebrated; Officials Urge Importance Of Preservation - https://butlerradio.com/powell-farm-celebrated-officials-urge-importance-of-preservation/

Cranberry Eagle: A COVENANT - Cranberry Township dedicated to preserving Powell Farm - https://www.cranberryeagle.com/2023/03/10/cranberry-township-dedicated-to-preserving-powell-farm/

KDKA: Cranberry Township takes ownership of 71-acre Powell Farm for agricultural center - https://www.cbsnews.com/pittsburgh/news/cranberry-township-ownership-powell-farm-agricultural-center-park/

Powell Farm Preview Event - March 9, 2023

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