Cleaning Up in Cranberry!

Cranberry Township’s Adopt-A-Roadway program has marked its 26th year!

About the Program

The Adopt-A-Roadway program focuses on approximately 30 miles of Cranberry Township’s Collector Roads. These are township owned roads that see the highest amounts of traffic.

Our volunteers consist of individual township residents, members of local organizations, and township-based businesses. Altogether, 23 groups have committed to cleaning their adopted sections of roadway at least twice per year adding up to 400 volunteer hours annually.

On average, our volunteers collect over 230 bags of litter! Between 1997 and 2022, more than 4,800 bags of litter have been collected, along with other debris such as scrap metal, wood, pipes, plastic, carpeting, tires, and more.

The Public Works Department provides our volunteers with all the equipment necessary to operate safely, including safety vests, traffic signs, pickup tongs, and garbage bags. Additionally, each roadway receives a road sign acknowledging the adoptive organization.

How Can You Get Involved? 

A minimum two-year commitment is required to be a sponsor, with one spring and one fall clean up outing required each year.

More roads become available for adoption when new roadways are added, or when a participating organization leaves the program. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the application below and someone will be in touch with you as more roads are added to the list.

Current Volunteers:

To schedule your clean-up, arrange safety equipment pick-up or request litter bag pick-up, please call 724-776-4806 x 1526 or email

Information and Forms:

To apply to be an Adopt-A-Roadway Sponsor complete this form

Before your outing:

Thank you to our Current Roadway Sponsors

0.5 mi. Progress Ave. Cranberry Women's Club Sept. 1998
0.8 mi. Burke Rd. The Pindroh Family Jan. 1999
0.8 mi. Commonwealth Dr. The Bedillion Family April 2018
0.8 mi. Darlington Rd. The Christensen Family May 2019
0.9 mi. Old Route 19 Louis Zona, CPA June 1999
1.0 mi. Executive & Thomson Park Dr. BC3 Cranberry Campus August 1998
1.0 mi. Powell Rd. (Rochester to Freedom)
Sunrise Rotary Club of Cranberry Twp.
Feb. 2021
1.0 mi. Unionville Rd. (Aberdeen to Glen Eden) Appalachia Wellness Mar. 2020
1.1 mi. Haine School Rd. LDS Church Dec. 2004
1.1 mi. Mars Rd. The Maiolo Family Feb. 2018
1.3 mi. Hope & Woodlawn Rds. Karen & Gary Gajdzik Nov.  2010
1.4 mi. Ehrman/Old Ehrman Rds. Boy Scouts Troop 403 April 2006
1.4 mi.Glen Rape Rd. The Hardman Family May 2000
1.4 mi. Goehring Rd. The Kuli Family Sept. 2018
1.4 mi. Marshall Rd. Grace Community Church Sept. 2008
1.5 mi. Peters Rd. Boy Scout Troop 404 Sept. 1998
1.5 mi. Unionville (Rt. 19-Aberdeen) & Ogle View Rds. EAC-Environmental Advisory Committee April 2021
1.6 mi. Graham School Rd. Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. Oct. 2011
1.7 mi. Bear Run Rd. Plains Presbyterian Church Nov. 1999
1.7 mi. North Boundary Rd. Cranberry Twp. EMS October 1997
1.7 mi. Powell Rd. (Rochester to Glen Eden) Oak Grove Lutheran Church April 2009
1.9 mi. Freshcorn Rd. The Davis Family August 1999
0.8 mi. Heights Dr. (Evan Ct. to Rt. 19 & Winterbrook to Freshcorn) Cranberry Heights HOA June 2014