Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates

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The health and safety of our community is our top priority. We are taking the current spread of COVID-19 very seriously and working in partnership with health officials and the school district as we monitor this evolving situation.

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Closed, canceled or postponed

  • The Municipal Center and Senior Center are closed.
  • Police Dept. suspended soliciting permits and civil and criminal fingerprinting

Canceled Programs/ Meetings/ Events

  • April  14, Public Dog Park Meeting is canceled and will be rescheduled.
  • April 18, Library Makerspace Opening and MakerFaire is postponed.
  • April 25, Drive Up/Drop Off Drug Collection will be rescheduled.
  • Cranberry Highlands special events canceled through April 30
  • Golf Course is closed indefinitely for play.
  • Spring Rain Barrel classes are postponed.
  • The Library is closed.  All borrowed items are renewed until May 15; and will be extended as needed. Fines will not accrue. The outside book drop is closed.  We cannot accept any returns. Please do not leave materials outside of the book drop - damaged materials will incur a replacement charge.

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Updated April 8, 2020: 4:31 PM

Mask Partnership

With Governor Tom Wolf asking all residents to voluntarily wear a mask when leaving their homes, the Township’s Community Response Team is partnering with Cranberry Sews It Flat to protect its employees.

Volunteers are in the process of sewing nearly 700 masks for Township personnel, along with other professionals and essential businesses in the region.

The group is in need of material donations, including:

  • 100% quilting fabric made of a poly/cotton blend or all cotton.
  • New cotton sheets
  • ¼” flat braided elastic or double fold bias tape or ribbon ¼” to ½” wide
  • Fiskars 45 mm blades for rotary cutters
  • Laundry detergent, unscented if possible
  • Cotton or poly cotton spools of thread for sewing machines and cones for serger machines

Items can be dropped off at the Township’s Public Safety Training Center between 9 a.m and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To volunteer as a seamstress, fill out the form at

For guidance on how to make your own mask, visit

Updated April 7, 2020: 3:09 PM

Hydrant Flushing Underway

The Township’s Sewer and Water Field Operations Division began the process of flushing hydrants this week.

Automatic flushing devices were attached to hydrants on Steeplechase Drive, Route 19, and Glen Rape Road, with a fourth set to be installed in Graham Park. The devices are on a timer and will flush hydrants on a schedule to improve water quality in the system. They will be in place until late October. The hydrants are still accessible in the event of a fire.

Food Access Survey

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is working to find communities impacted hardest by coronavirus, particularly the ability to find and purchase food.

The agency created an Access to Food survey that will help the state department find and address needs. To fill out the survey, regardless of need, visit

Updated April 6, 2020: 4:23 PM

Tax Filing Date Changed

The deadline to file earned income tax has been moved to July 15 in the Township. This date in in-line with state and federal filing deadlines. The deadline change does not apply to business privilege, local service tax property taxes. The schedules for those taxes remain the same. More information can be found at

Safety Measures in Place

To ensure essential staff still working in the Township Municipal Center are safe, a number of safety measures have been put in place.

Staff are using a designated entrance and must take their temperature before proceeding. Gloves, masks and other protective gear are required for those who cannot work a sufficient distance from each other.

Sanitary measures are in place to keep common areas such as meeting spaces and the kitchen area clean, as well as Township vehicles. Those working in the field are also following social distancing recommendations and sanitation requirements.

Signage is placed throughout the building and in vehicles to remind employees of proper procedures, and employees are also asked to continue vigilance in their own homes to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Working for You

Despite the uncertainty and anxiety being caused by the coronavirus, Cranberry Township supervisors, administrators and employees are working hard to make sure services continue as close to normal as possible. A new video highlights that work and showcases how staff is working hard to make Cranberry Township a great place to live, work, and play. To view the video, visit

Updated April 3, 2020: 4:49 PM

Park Equipment Closed

Cranberry Township officials are working hard to balance the absolute importance of physical distancing while accepting the fact that people want to get outside and exercise. As part of Gov. Wolf’s stay-at-home order, exercising outside is a permitted activity.

While officials encourage our residents to enjoy the sunshine and stay healthy in our parks and on our sidewalks, the Township will be closing all playground equipment and fitness stations beginning April 3. Signage will be posted reflecting the closure.

Additionally, to keep large crowds from gathering in our parks, residents are urged to use the Township’s sidewalk system, which is more than 200 miles in total length.

Elsewhere, Cranberry Highlands Golf Course is open to walkers, runners and hikers, providing nearly 10 miles of open space to exercise safely.

Cranberry Township remains committed to making sure our residents remain safe while enjoying the parks that residents have come to love.

Food Assistance

As residents face uncertainty spurred by the coronavirus, one thing nobody should have to worry about is their next meal.

Those eligible for emergency food assistance are those out of work without pay, including service workers who are unable to get shifts or hourly wage employees of non-essential businesses that have voluntarily closed.

A self-declaration of need form must be submitted, as well as information on household size and income levels. For more information or to apply, visit

Date Changes

A number of important dates have changed as a result of coronavirus precautions.

  • Pennsylvania’s primary election will now take place June 2, 2020
  • Driver’s licenses expiring before April 30, 2020 will now expire May 31, 2020.
  • The deadline for Real ID is now October 1, 2021.
  • The income tax filing deadline is July 15, 2020.

Updated April 2, 2020: 5:40 PM

Golf Course Open to Walkers, Runners

To give residents as many outdoor options as possible while encouraging social distancing, Cranberry Highlands Golf Course will open the cart paths to walkers, joggers and hikers.

Under a shelter-in-place order issued by Governor Tom Wolf, golf courses are not permitted to operate as they are non-essential businesses.

By opening the course to pedestrians, officials hope to lessen crowds at the Township’s parks, which have seen an increase in use. Exercising outdoors is permitted under the stay-at-home order.

The course will be open from 9 AM to 7 PM until required preparation begins for golf course reopening for regular play.

The following rules are in place:

  • Residents are asked to stay on cart paths, which are each three miles long.
  • This is critically important on days when there is frost on the grass.
  • Users are advised not to enter the maintenance or apiary areas.
  • No bikes, scooters, skateboards or other items with wheels are permitted.
  • No pets of any kind are allowed.
  • The course itself is closed to golfers.
  • No fishing is permitted in ponds.
  • Parking is available in the clubhouse lot only.
  • There are no water fountains or restrooms available.
  • Residents are asked to dispose of their own trash.

Library Loans 3D Printer

The Township Library’s 3D printers are being loaned out for a good cause.

The printers, which will be housed in The Forge makerspace, were donated to 3DPPGH, a 3D printing organization, so it can be used to print parts for medical masks. One is already in use, with two more being delivered this week. The masks will help protect medical professionals across the region.

Updated April 1, 2020: 3:45 PM

Response Team Holds Event

The Cranberry Township Community Response Team held its first volunteer event Wednesday, with 18 volunteers shopping for essential items for those in need.

The volunteers were given gift cards to shop for items and returned them to the Township’s Public Safety Training Center to be distributed. Items included essential groceries, cleaning supplies and medications.

More than 80 individuals have signed up to volunteer for the program. To volunteer, donate or request help, visit

Protect the Shield

Spartan Mounts, a Township-based 3-D printing company, is using its equipment to create face shields to be used in local hospitals. The company’s 23 printers use plastic components to create the shields that will help keep healthcare workers safe.

Updated March 31, 2020: 4:10 PM

Celebrate Census Day

It’s not a joke – April 1 marks the 2020 edition of Census Day.

When filling out a Census document, residents are asked to list their residence and number of people in their households as of that date.

An accurate population count is critical to Cranberry Township, as it determines everything from government representation to federal funding. That funding impacts school districts, fire and EMS agencies and social service programs.

Additionally, the data will help Township officials plan for the future as growth is anticipated to continue.

To learn more about the Census, or to respond to the survey, visit

Take A Walk

While outdoor activity is still encouraged under social distancing guidelines, doing so in a crowded area defeats the purpose. With that in mind, there are many options for Township residents who want to take a break and enjoy some fresh air. The Township’s sidewalk system offers more than 200 miles for walking and running, allowing for users to maintain a 6-foot social distance.

Waterpark Deal Extended

Though it may seem far away in a world of social distancing, warm days surrounded by friends, family are ahead. Those days can be best spent lounging in the sun or splashing around the Township’s waterpark. The discount period to purchase waterpark passes has been extended through April 13. These passes will be flexible, and accommodations will be made in the event the start of the pool season is impacted. But for now, think warm thoughts and plan ahead for sunny days. Purchase passes at

Tell A Friend

While checking in on your friends, family, and neighbors, don’t forget to tell them about the Township’s Community Response Team. The program links volunteers with those in need in the community to provide groceries, pickup prescriptions and help with other tasks. Financial donations to the program are used to purchase re-loadable gift cards to help ease the burden for those facing challenges. For more information, tell a friend to visit or 724-776-4806.

Keep Your Distance

President Donald Trump on Sunday and Governor Tom Wolf on Monday extended social distancing guidelines through April 30, 2020. Under these guidelines, all Americans are asked to avoid groups of 10 or more, and stay 6 feet from each other. Older people are urged to stay at home. Governor Wolf also ordered that all schools stay closed until further notice.

Updated March 27, 2020: 3:22 PM

Butler County Residents Ordered to Stay at Home

Governor Tom Wolf expands stay-at-home order to include Butler County The order takes effect 8 PM. Friday, March 27 and will last until Monday, April 6, with a possible extension. Under this order, residents must stay at home unless they are seeking medical attention, getting necessities like groceries and supplies, caring for a family member or pet in another household, engaging in outdoor activities, or working at a job that provides an essential service.

Updated March 27, 2020: 1:43 PM

EMS Receives Donation

Cranberry Township EMS continues to receive donations from the community. Passavant Memorial Homes donated 30 N95 masks, 50 surgical masks and a box of gloves. A Township resident donated 15 Tyvek suits, 40 P95 masks and two boxes of gloves. Thank you for keeping our first responders safe!

Construction Inspections Changed

Due to Governor Tom Wolf’s shutdown order, construction inspections cannot be conducted unless a construction project has received a waiver granted by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. To apply for a waiver, please visit the DCED website at

Library Has Lots to Offer

The doors may be closed, but the Cranberry Public Library has numerous resources to offer from a distance. E-books, music, audio books, language programs, and genealogy tools are just some of the offerings. Visit to explore these options.

Updated March 26, 2020: 4:16 PM

Keeping Streets Clean

The Township’s Public Works crews are undertaking a street sweeping program beginning Thursday. Over the next several days, crews will sweep the outer portion of all major intersections in the Township to clean grit and debris. Areas include Routes 19 and 228 and Freedom Road.
With rain forecast for next week, keeping roads clean will help ease any potential flooding issues that could arise.

Who Needs Help?

Response to the Township’s Community Response Team has been swift, with more than 25 residents and organizations reaching out in the first 24 hours. With teams of people ready to help, the Township wants to hear from residents who need assistance. To request help, be it with picking up groceries or financial aid, visit or call Customer Service at 724-776-4806.

Updated March 25, 2020: 2:10 PM

Community Response Team

In good times and bad, the Cranberry Township residents have a history of supporting one another. Fundraisers, charity drives and service projects are commonplace and a large part of what makes the Township a great place to live, work and play. Now, with many members of our community facing an unprecedented shutdown of daily life, that community spirit is needed more than ever. That’s why the Township is seeking individuals to help ease the burden the pandemic is having on the community. Volunteers will help provide those in need with essential basic human needs like food, water, or toiletries. By doing this, they can help make the day a little brighter in a term of uncertainty. Healthy volunteers who want to help, as well as residents in need of assistance are asked to contact the Township via links at or by calling 724-776-4806.

Cardboard Compactor Open

The commercial-strength cardboard compactor behind the Township Municipal Center continues to be available for public use. No garbage, Syrofoam or packing peanuts are permitted in the compactor. If the compactor is full, do not leave boxes outside. A camera monitors the compactor at all times.

Cranberry Coronavirus Updates March 13-24, 2020

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