Bill’s CTPA Ladder  


 Sign Up for CTPA's Largest Ladder with a Seeded Tournament in Pennsylvania.  Go to June 11th (4-9 PM)


This CTPA Ladder (also open to non-members) is scheduled to begin Friday June 11th. (13 dates per level).   There is a weekly assigned schedule different from the other Ladders.  Also see the schedule for the season ending CTPA Gamma/Dicks tournament dates by level included in the fee.  This includes four weeks play as many days as you wish each week on Friday, Sunday, and Monday.  Please note that you only play in your level.  However, players on the list to test for the next level can play in the higher level.

Last year we had the following totals: 2.5-3.0 (63 players), 3.0-3.5 (88 players), 3.5-4.0 (51 players), 4.0-4.5 (27 players).  We also had an additional 50 players part of the Ladder tournaments.

 4- 8:30 Friday, 6/11, 8 - 12:30 Sunday, 6/13 9-11 Monday  6/14

 4- 8:30 Friday, 6/18 8- 2 Saturday, 6/19,(No Sunday-Fathers day weekend)9-11 Monday , 6/21 

 4 - 8:30 Friday, 6/25, 8 - 2 Sunday, 6/27,9-1 Monday, 6/28 

 4 - 8:30 Friday, 7/16 ,8 - 2 Sunday, 7/18 ,9-1 Monday 7/19

 8 - 4 Saturday, 7/31 CTPA Gamma/Dicks Ladder League seeded 3.5-4.0 tournament

8- 8 Sunday, 8/1 (CTPA Gamma/Dicks Ladder League seeded 4.0-4.0+ tournament

and 4 PM (CTPA Gamma/Dicks Ladder league seeded 2.5-3.0  tournament)

8 - 4 Saturday, 8/14 CTPA Gamma/Dicks Ladder league seeded 3.0-3.5 tournament

8 - 4 Sunday, 8/15 Make up rain date



Players will be required to register online with CTPA if they are a member, and with Cranberry Parks and Recreation if they are not a CTPA member.  CTPA Members $20 – Sign up via Court Reserve, on 6/11 . Non-Members $35 – Sign up with Cranberry Twp. Parks and Rec. (phone 724-779-4386) or online at Online Services and enter Course # “11326”


This year, like last year, there will be a Just For Fun Group on Sundays from 7:00 AM-8:30 AM with no fee and limited spots available.  Email Bill to register for one of these spots.

 A separate e-mail will be sent closer to the date to determine what dates registrants are available.

 The link to see your schedule & results.

About the Ladder:

A Ladder is one of the most competitive and fun formats for organized Pickleball play. The intent is to generate a cumulative score for each player each time they play. Using this data, players will be matched up with others in their skill level; thus, the games tend to be very competitive.  Photos may be  taken during the Ladder and Tournament and used in our publicity.


There will be five separate levels represented: 2.5-3.0, 3.0-3.5, 3.5-4.0, and 4.0 -4.5+ .  CTPA ratings are used to determine level of play.  Statistics will be kept separately for each level.  Match play participation is determined by who is available to play that day, their level, and their winning percentages in the Ladder. To move up a level, a player must have two or more consecutive weeks where they play at .930 or higher.   Players can play down, so a 4.0 player can play in the 3.5-4.0 Ladder, and likewise for a 3.5 in the 3.0 level.  Email Bill if this is the case for any player.   Players must have a winning percentage of .600 to seed for the tournament in the level they are playing (see info below).


The format for the Ladder is that four or five players are assigned to a court. Each player plays three or four games to 11 or 15 points, with no requirement to win by 2. Partners rotate after each game, so everyone on the court has been paired with everyone else.



If you participated in last year’s Ladder at any level, and had a rating of less than .600 for two or more consecutive weeks, you can choose to move to a lower level. You will have 2 weeks to improve your play to .600.

 Players who ended last year’s Ladder with two consecutive weeks of .930 level play are eligible to move to the next higher level if they so desire.  This is not part of CTPA ratings.

 This year player levels will be in the cloud, and will be easily accessible. 


Weekly Participation/Sign Up:

You are not required to play every week. You can play any of Friday, Sunday and Monday based on court availability.

 After the initial registration, you will sign up for the next week by noting your availability on your score sheet after each match. 

  • When you sign up each week, let us know if you want to play Friday early or late, or Sunday AM, and/or Monday AM., All, or not available, and when you are available.
  • If you are not a member of CTPA, please provide your level of play (ex. 3.0, 2.5) by replying to this e-mail.
  • If you are a “No Show” and have not notified us via e-mail or phone, we'll need to enforce a suspension from the ladder, determined on a case-by-case basis.  It's very difficult to find a replacement at the last minute and not showing up is unfair to the other participants. Please be courteous.
  • The weekly schedule will be available  Wednesday AM, in the cloud for the upcoming week.


Other Information:

Players commuting more than 25 miles can qualify to play by participating in 2 matches (each match contains 3-4 games) in one day with prior approval.  Players last year came from as far away as Altoona.  This year additional players are  making the weekly trip from Hidden Valley.



What happens after the Ladder is over?  The Ladder Tournament!


CTPA Gamma/Dicks Ladder Tournament information:

There will be a CTPA Gamma/Dicks Ladder season ending Tournament with dates noted above.  Players will be allowed to choose their partners from the same level or a lower level,  and can participate in mixed doubles as well as in men's or women's doubles.  If you do not have a partner, you may still participate as we will find you one.


Selecting Partners:

    1. Players will have the option of selecting partners who did not have enough times played (2) to seed in the league. This could include other CTPA members, but must be at the same level.
    2. Players not selecting their partner will be paired with a player of similar ability in the same level, or within CTPA, based on player availability.
    3. Players must play a minimum of 2 matches in the Ladder to seed for the CTPA Gamma Ladder Tournament. (See exception 1.)
    4. Players can play up, but not down, in the tournament.
    5. Players must have at least a .600 percentage to seed in the tournament Those less than .600 winning percentage cannot seed, but can participate as a partner.

      1.       This year Players can select other players outside CTPA, in a similar creditable level with no fee. 
      2.   Format for the Tournament will be determined based on the number of teams. 

        1. There will be 3 teams in each levels  finals.  Additional details to be released.

      1.       Gamma and Dicks will be providing prizes that will include new paddles, accessories, gift certificates etc, 




        • Players will be seeded for the tournament based on their Ladder standings.
        • In case of a tie, the player playing more games/weeks will be seeded higher.
        • If there is still a tie, more wins will be used
        • The final tie-breaker is a coin toss.  
        • Ties during the tournament will be determined by a 7 point tie-breaker round of play.