Golf Academy

  1. Jody Barrett

    Director of Instruction
    Phone: 724-776-7372

Advanced Golf Academy

This Academy is designed to provide an opportunity for youth, who show an interest in playing competitive golf, to further develop advanced golf skills. The participant will learn all aspects of the game of golf. These skills will include: rules, etiquette, course management, practice techniques, as well as some aspects of an advanced golf swing. Sessions will begin with 9 holes of golf, followed by lunch, and finishing with a 45 minute group instruction.Player evaluation will be conducted with this academy.

Intermediate Golf Academy

The purpose of this program is to provide a stepping stone between junior clinics and the advanced academy. Participants must have participated in junior clinics in the past as well as played on the golf course. This clinic will include rules, etiquette, safety, as well as further develop the short game, putting, bunker play, course management, and full swing. This clinic will also incorporate practice habits and relationships with their peers.Evaluation placement can be moved based on skill level.