Fitness Classes

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Our classes are for Every Body.  Please don’t feel like you are not in good enough shape to come to class! You don’t have to be great to start – you just have to start to be great! The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!

Venango Trail Fitness Room

Gather a group of friends and neighbors for a custom-small group class  – If you have a group of people,  we can make this happen for you! (Afternoons work well for this) 
 Classes at a glance - download our current class list


This is not a complete list – we will add and subtract classes as our mandates change!

Bar Fight - A 30/30 blend of barbell and cardio kickboxing. The barbell portion of the class uses resistance training exercises mixed with isometric stability exercises. The cardio kickboxing portion of class uses mixed martial arts to build strength, mental stamina, and release stress, all while teaching you some epic self-defense moves. This class is for all fitness levels.

Barbell/Cardio Intervals -This class has it all! It is similar to Body Pump and Group Barbell, but we are replacing the weighted squats and lunges with Intervals for a great cardio burst. You will sculpt and strengthen your entire body by using low weight and high repetitions. Participants may use a barbell, dumbbells or no weight at all. As you age, you lose muscle mass, increase fat mass, your bones get brittle.

This class will help burn fat and increase lean muscle mass, bone mineral density and metabolism. All fitness levels will be accommodated. Bring a mat. Space limited.

Barbell/Step Intervals - This class will combine the strength of Barbell exercises with the cardio of Step. Barbell (weights, Kettlebells and bands may also be used in place of or in addition to the barbell!) will be used for upper body and step will be used for lower body with lots of core work too!

Chamber Chair Yoga (we call it cha-cha Yoga!)- Approximately half of the class is done seated and half standing with the chair used as support. As with all of our classes, "You do You". Depending on how you feel, you can make this class as challenging as you like! Shoes may be worn (if they are not, please bring a mat to stand on). A cushYoga stretchion or blanket might be nice to sit on. Location: Council Chambers in the MC.

Fitness-Lite - Low Impact Cardio and Strength - just a slightly tamer version of our regular classes! Try it - you'll love it!

Gentle Yoga - This class is appropriate for all students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing, gentle, and nourishing practice. The combination of gentle Hatha and deep restorative work improves range of motion and joint mobility while reducing pain and the effects of stress. Students with injuries, arthritis, or other chronic conditions are welcome in these classes. Practitioners with limitations related to age or size as well as students with a more vigorous yoga practice will benefit from this practice. No prior yoga experience required. Please bring a mat, blanket and blocks if you have them.

Interval Training - 45 minutes of Cardio/Strength Intervals followed by 15 minutes of yoga. This class is great for all levels - variations are always shown.

Muscles and Mobility (M&M) -Join us in the fitness studio for a class that all about helping you move begirl with barbell 1tter, with less pain and/or more intelligence. We will focus on different body parts and you will find different movement patterns that may help you to correct an issue that has arisen due to overuse (doing something over and over), misuse (doing something over and over the wrong way) and abuse (maybe you fell recently or even a long time ago). Bring a mat and if you have your own block, strap (could be a belt or scarf), and/or set of small therapy balls please bring those too. If not, no worries!

Pilates - The perfect blend of Pilates Core work - Standing, seated, and all kinds of fun tools! Don't worry if you are new to these classes, modifications are always given!

Sculpt360 - All over strength training and cardio including the core. We will be using body weight, bands with handles to begin and work our way up to Barbell. All levels.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow - Move with the breath through this moderately paced Yoga class. Some prior knowledge of Yoga is helpful but not required. Bring your own mat. A blanket for your knees and a block would be helpful.

Weight Training 101 - You've heard you should be lifting weights, now find out why and how! In this clinic, you will learn how to do the exercises that you may see in the Barbell and Sculpt360 classes. You will be shown variations using different equipment and ways to modify so your unique body can do the exercise in a safe way. This is great for anyone who wants to learn or improve their form.

Yoga Flow/Pilates Fusion - You will definitely feel this class that is a perfect blend of Vinyasa Yoga Flow and Pilates (If you are new to Pilates, think mindful floor exercises)