CTPA vs: Public Play

What is the Cranberry Township Pickleball Association (CTPA) ?    

Direct donations to the pickleball courts would not have allowed all 8 courts to be built.  A few pickleball players worked out an agreement with CTCC and the Township to form an association to absorb the debt to pay for the 8 courts to be built.  In exchange, CTPA will manage the courts.   

Your CTPA membership not only helps to pay for the courts, but hopefully will allow an expansion to 16 courts or more, as pickleball popularity grows.  In addition, CTPA has researched and interviewed other associations, including the Villages in Florida, which has over 170 courts, and 50 people from different regions in United States on what worked and didn’t work well in their own associations or clubs.  

CTPA Membership 
  • You must have a valid CTPA membership card on display to play.  Everyone without a membership card during CTPA times will be asked to leave.
  • Even if there are empty courts during CTPA times, the public will not be allowed to play without having a valid CTPA membership card.
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Court Hours

CTPA Play Public Play
Monday-Sunday, Dawn-1 PM
Monday-Sunday, 5:00 PM - dark
Monday-Sunday, 1 PM - *5:00 PM
*Ladders and other events may reduce Public Play time

Public play times can change from week to week.
We suggest that you look at "This Week - Next Week" schedules for actual times.

Public Play

Public play is open to all ages and abilities on a paddle queuing basis. Paddles will be leaned against the fence at the designated queuing station, the first four players will start a game on Court 1. As more people arrive, they will start games on Court 2, 3, etc.  
The format is the winning team stays on the court and split, then calling to the player’s queue station requesting the next two players to join them. The losing team will queue their paddles at the end of the line and wait until called to play another game.Private games will not be permitted during public play. Four players can not start on an empty separate court and not accept other players, but instead must start at the queue station and fill the courts in the manner described above.     

When all eight courts are filled and there are MORE than 16 player’s queueing, then we will go with the next four players on/four players off.  If more than 32 players are queuing,  we will reduce the game to 9 instead of 11. Once the que reduces below 32 players, the games will go back to 11 points and when the que reduces below 16 players, we will go back to winning team stays on and split.   
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