Healthy Cranberry


Planning for the long-term health of our community is the #1 goal of the Cranberry Plan. Cranberry Township is already building a decision-making framework that places the community's long-term HEALTH and SUSTAINABILITY at the forefront of every initiative.

What does Sustainability Mean in Cranberry Township?
Sustainability is generally centered around what are known as "The Three E's" of environment, economy, and equality. It takes a broad look at the world in an effort to keep social, economic, and natural systems in order for future generations. Cranberry Township is committed to sustainability in all aspects through its Healthy Cranberry Campaign. What Cranberry is doing now...

Sustainability Framework
Citizen Advisory Panel and the Cranberry Plan Steering Committee were asked to define the concept of sustainability for Cranberry Township as part of their work in drafting the 25-year Comprehensive Plan, The Cranberry Plan. This resulted in a set of guiding principles that will help ensure that Cranberry's long-term health and sustainability are always factored into decision-making. The principles were adopted by the Board of Supervisors in March 2008 and shared with all Township departments.

Be Distinctive

  • Cranberry Township's character is fundamental to its success 
  • That character is a result of our unique qualities 
  • The Township's government and residents have a distinctive way of handling daily issues that sets us apart 
  • Identifying and leveraging these distinctive qualities are bedrock principles of Cranberry's management

Be Prosperous

  • Success means that all residents have the motivation and opportunity to advance his or her own life and career 
  • All community benefits should be available to everyone 
  • We work to remove obstacles so all community members can participate in the township's rising good fortune 
  • Prosperity means that we help one another succeed

Be Healthy

  • Continuing economic prosperity in Cranberry Township depends on an economy that builds upon and contributes to a healthy environment 
  • This means practicing sound environmental stewardship, attracting knowledge-based industries, and fostering a diverse base of environmentally-friendly enterprise

Be Engaged

  • People who are actively engaged in their own governance and civic life lead happier and more constructive lives 
  • Civic engagement drives transparent, accountable, efficient, and effective government 
  • Everyone should have an opportunity to participate meaningfully in advancing shared goals of their township

Be Committed

  • Cranberry and its residents will maintain a long-range vision and respond to emerging trends and signals in making decisions 
  • Township officials will lead by educating staff, residents, and local businesses on the implementation of these principles when addressing Township challenges