Customer Service

Contact us if you need a building permit, have questions about the Collection Connection program, need to pay your water, sewer, and/or trash utility bill, need directions, or have a question regarding the Township.

Sewer / Water / Trash Service 

Emergency Service (after-hours), Call: 724-720-6464

General Information 
All about your water meter

Service Applications for Sewer/Water 
Complete the online application and submit it to Customer Service.
For a paper copy, please or visit in-person .

Selling a home
  • Lien Letter Request Use this form when: You are about to sell your home. It requests the Township to produce a letter for your buyer or bank certifying that you do not owe money to Cranberry for things like sewer service, real estate tax, or other municipal debts for which your property is collateral.
Moving to another Township address
Additional forms/requests
Applications and Forms
  • Automatic Bill Payment for Water, Sewer, Trash
  • Sewer Credit Adjustment Request
  • Construction Meter Request
  • Water Turn On / Off Request
  • Move Out Final Reading
  • Non-Residential / Application for Wastewater Discharge Permit
  • Testing forms

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