Street Tree Trimming Guidelines

Cranberry has required the planting of trees along its roadways to create an attractive and environmentally sound community. Under Township ordinances, maintaining those street side trees is the responsibility of the property owner. It’s a public safety measure that involves trimming branches back to the 14-foot height required to keep them from brushing against vehicles or blocking drivers’ views.

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(Ord. 205-362, 12/15/2005; as amended by Ord. 2012-432, 10/4/2012)

Our Board of Supervisors understands that it can be difficult for individual homeowners to perform tree maintenance. So they have authorized Cranberry’s Public Works Department to hire Adler Tree Service to trim trees on the street side in your neighborhood wherever they are likely to impinge on traffic.
(Adler Tree Service Contact: Mr. Dominic Pizzani, 724-971-2360)

Good arbor practices will determine the exact trimming details for each tree, but in each case it will be with a view to preserving the tree’s health and appearance, both of which are influenced by the tree’s age. The specific area of branch growth which is affected on mature trees appears in the boxed area on the right of the diagram.

Street Side Tree Guidelines

In many cases, the same tree covers sidewalks on the residential side, which require a 9-foot clearance, shown in gray on the left side of the diagram. So maintaining those trees, which everyone regards as desirable assets, is a shared responsibility; the

Township does the street side maintenance while homeowners handle the property side


This year our contractor will do the trimming along your neighborhood’s street rights-of-way beginning in February. The company will also remove and dispose of the debris.

Current Tree Trimming Schedule:

Blue Ridge Drive, Beacon Hill Drive, Whispering Oaks Drive, Windsor Court, Carlye Drive, Samuel Drive and Tyler Drive
(Areas are indicated on the map below.)
Tree trimming in Cranberry Township
If you would like to hire Adler Tree Service to trim along the sidewalk on your property side at the same time, you can set that up directly with the company by calling 724-443-3744, or by calling any tree specialist of your choosing.